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French Bulldogs for sale

ADOPTED*** Shilo the Rescue French Bulldog

Updated: Mar 7

Shilo the Rescue French Bulldog

Shilo, female. She is 9 weeks old. Re-family situation, her previous owners came to us to find her a good home under personal circumstances.

She is very outgoing, loves to play outside.. but will nap with you any chance she may get. She has a very sweet presence and loves to be held close. Great around other dogs and enjoys playtime.

She is available for adoption. Adoption fee is $1500.00. If you are interested in Shilo for best response please submit an inquiry at the bottom of this page.

Tax deductible receipt, certificate award for adoption and Health Certificate by certified veterinarians all included.

Shilo has found her forever home! 😊

french bulldog rescue

french bulldog adoption

rescue french bulldog

For the foster families' safety and health of the puppy, we do not disclose specific locations. We don't set up meet and greets prior to inquires. FaceTime/ Skype is available.

Once the new family is chosen, we will guide you through a step by step process to bring her home. All animals at RFB are surrendered anonymously, health checked by certified veterinarian before final step of our re-family process. Contact us today!

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I am very interested in miss shilo! 🥰

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