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French Bulldogs for sale

Rescue French Bulldog's 1st event at Barkley's Midtown Dog Bar in Houston Texas

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Rescue French Bulldogs Event at Barkley's Recap

March 26,2022 we were finally able to have our 1st event. We had a lot of fun and got to meet and see familiar faces, including our furry friends! Barkleys was a great location and really well shaded and protected from the sun. We had a good turn out but are hoping our next event can be even bigger! Be on the lookout for a date to be released soon! The raffle and giveaways were so much fun! We appreciate every penny donated! I can’t wait until next time!

There are many ways you can help

Small, local charities often do not receive the funds and attention that large national and international organizations receive. Being a self started rescue located in Houston TX we are very lucky to our donors who are looking to find the perfect fit but want to make it an adoption rather bought for thousands of dollars through breeders, with the french bulldog market at a all time high…its twice the scammers. Working with our rescue is guarenteed and health checks. Most of our donors are some of the first people we reach out to when french bulldogs come into our care. Knowing they want to help our organiztion is what makes us able to do what we love everyday and help as many French Bulldogs or like breeds as we possibly can.

** Those who donate are often the first we reach out to, not only to THANK them but let them know upcoming Frenchies that will be looking for their foreve homes soon. Pretty much get the inside scoop for helping us do what we love**

If your wanting a rescue frenchie to join your family in the future or want to read about post adoptions and thier expiernace you may check our website. It is updated constantly. Link for blogs below!

What do your donations go towards?

Food - puppy or dog food, canned or dry food, high calorie dietary supplements, wheat germ oil, salmon oil, plain yogurt, daily probiotic, training treats, teeth cleaning treats, ground beef, eggs, and vitamins.

Medical - vaccinations, deworming, ear solution, eye drops, flea & tick medicine, heartworm medicine, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotics

Grooming - oatmeal shampoo, towel, brushes, waterless shampoo, cotton balls, q-tips, nail clippers, hair clippers, hair medication, skin medication

Foster Care - bottle feeding, feeding, grooming, socialization, training

Transportation - veterinarian, socialization, training, events

Education - health research, consultations, educational materials

Re-Family Processing - forms, administration, certificates, permits, licensing, re-family fee is via zelle only.

*All animals at RFB are surrendered anonymously, health checked by certified veterinarian before final step of our re-family process.

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