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Bowzer Update

Bowzer was adopted to a couple, Will and Glamour! They have a Frenchie, Daisy that is his new sister. Read below to find out how he has been loving his forever home😊

1.How has Bowzer been adapting to his new life?

Bowzer loves his new life he spends all his time with Dad while he works from home during quarantine.

2.What are Bowzer’s favorite things to do?

Bow Wow loves going to the dog park and playing with other pups. Like his parents he loves dogs more than people.

3.Does he have any favorite Toys and/or treats?

His favorite toys are any that squeak or squeal he loves biting them until they become silent. He loves Healthy Treatz too!

4.How is he getting along with his sister Daisy?

He loves his sister daisy so much. He gives her kisses and chases her and is learning both good and bad habits from her but when they play he’s his authentic self.

5.How easy was the process with RFB?

The process was super easy and attainable. We are so blessed for RFB to bring Bowzer into our lives. He is happy and healthy now since being with RFB and we are so excited that we were able to rescue rather than going to a breeder. He is 110% quality and I️ highly recommend anyone who is interested in Frenchies to consider rescuing from Rescue French Bulldogs to avoid health issues caused by puppy mills and over breeding and in general.

We are beyond thrilled about Bowzer and how amazing he has fit into his forever home! To see more updates on RFB's past adoptions, make sure to follow our Instagram and facebook linked below and look for future blogs!

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