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Astro the French Bulldog Adoption *COMPLETED

Updated: May 11


Astro the French Bulldog Adoption

Astro is an adult male French Bulldog

Definition of a gentle giant. He chills/relaxes all day. Has lived life with a younger Frenchie for the yrs of his life. They got along great. She always would play with him and Astro never would bark, back. Astro is a licker. Loves to lick his humans. He acts like a lap dog. He loves to sit his bottom in your lap and cuddle. He does get hot easily, so he doesn't cuddle longer than 30 mins at a time. He is gentle eater when hand fed. Very healthy. Indoor dog. Did not go out for walks. He used a doggy lawn outside on the patio the last 4 yrs, so he's good at going outside to pee/poop. Astro has a steel stomach. He can eat anything and his stool is always solid. Never gets the runs. His fur is very soft. No hea issues. No food allergies. He does get seasonal allergies from time to time. Maybe once a year. Never has been destructive. Trusted to free roam in the house all day. Very very loveable and quiet.”

blue french bulldog rescue



*For the foster families' safety and health of the dog, Rescue French Bulldogs does not disclose location. We don't set up meet and greets prior to inquires for sanitary and security purposes. FaceTime or Video Call is available if needed. Once the new family is chosen, we will guide you through a step by step process to bring your new rescue dog home. All animals at RFB are surrendered anonymously then brought to good health before starting the re-family process. All dogs come with a tax deductible donation receipt, all donations are non-refundable. Please email: and reference the adoption animal's name for instructions to adopt.


*Your donations help with food, medical attention, grooming, foster care, research, and our re-family process for rescues dogs. With your generosity, Rescue French Bulldogs will be able to unite French Bulldogs with loving new families.

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