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Allergy Tips for your Frenchie

Updated: May 11, 2020

6 Tips for Allergy Season with your French Bulldog

Is your French bulldog skin allergies acting up? Do you notice that it has areas without hair, reddish,it smells bad or it scratches excessively? As you already know the French bulldog is a delicate breed of fur and they are prone to different problems, it is not necessary to generalize because each puppy is an individual case, but if your French bulldog has skin problems you may find it in this article. If so, don't worry! You will surely find the right remedy and by following some of our advice you will be able to control, improve or eliminate this skin problem.

  1. The most common skin problems of the French bulldog are caused by food or environmental allergies, bacterial infections and by fleas or external parasites.

  2. As its name indicates a food allergy it is a reaction and a rejection by the body of a dog of some food. It is a type of condition that can appear at any age of your dog, both as a puppy and as an adult and that as we will see in the symptoms can be varied from itching or hair loss to gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and diarrhea.

The French bulldog you already know that it is a delicate breed of stomach and that if it has a bad genetics, it can have allergies and dermatitis easily , and in many cases it is caused by food, but not always, so it is good that you consult this topic with your vet and they do the specific allergy tests since you could be allergic to other things in the environment.

  1. Go to your vet : If you think your French bulldog may have an allergy, it is best to see your vet and he or she will diagnose any environmental allergies and indicate the appropriate treatment.

  2. Maintain correct and regular hygiene at home : The space where your dog lives must be meticulously clean, the dust that accumulates in the house, on carpets,etc. In cases of environmental allergies, the problem worsens. Even if necessary you should remove the carpets from the house. For example, not long ago we bought a Romba cleaning vacuum and although we clean the house intensively once a week, we put it in daily when we are away from home and thus avoid the accumulation of mites and dirt.

  3. Avoid walks in areas of trees, flowers and pollen: If you have detected that your French bulldog has a pollen allergy or its skin worsens in spring/summer, avoid areas with greater accumulation of pollen as much as possible. Lawn can also sometimes cause allergies.

  4. Removing things at home that could cause allergies : As we mentioned before, carpets, perhaps some fabric, fabric softner, and even plants. As some can cause allergies. It is moving things and seeing if your dog improves for awhile.

  5. Wash your bed, towels and blankets frequently : Washing the areas and fabrics where your French Bulldog lays is vital, at least once a week, since if you are allergic to any of it or to something on the street, it is Where particles will accumulate, prevention is always better than cure.

  6. Bathing with a hypolergenic shampoo : In addition to a good cleaning at home, it is also important that you keep your skin and hair clean as much as possible, you know that it is not good to bathe your French bulldog too often so as not to eliminate ph natural of your skin, but in cases of allergies and dermatitis waters it is good to wash them weekly or every 15 days with hypoallergenic shampoos that will relieve them a lot.

Always consult your vet to talk about the most frequent skin problems in the French bulldog and some solutions as he/she is the one who will best know the problem and the appropriate treatment .

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